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Cooper's Alehouse Sports Blog #2

Cooper’s Alehouse Sports Blog #2 by: Chris Brooks
Hello Cooper’s Alehouse goers! I am back to talk sports with you. Before I get into what has been occupying my brain this week, I need to go over some details on events going on at Cooper’s.
- Winter steel tip dart season is still going on over at Cooper’s Alehouse. Should you be interested in signing up for spring league play, please go and check out
- Cooper’s, alongside Deschutes Brewery is co-sponsoring a Lacrosse team. Their season has just begun and their team name is none other than “Cooper’s”. Follow them on Facebook at CoopersLaCrosse@cooperlax.
- Trivia night will now be sponsored by Ballast Point Brewing. Don’t forget, every Tuesday at 8PM. Also, I will post a trivia question for a chance at a free pint at the bottom of this post. So read it, seriously.
- NBA League Pass contract is signed! At Cooper’s you can watch NBA action live. In another piece I will discuss more about the NBA and spotlight some matchups that you should head on down to Cooper’s for.
Where to begin? If you read my intro last week then you already know you can expect Seattle Mariners chatter to come from me fairly frequently. However, right now I am not thinking about the current season or how we may fare. That is rhythmic and just something that we all do every year anyway. I guess you could say that I want to talk about our hitting coach, but that wouldn’t really define who he is to any of us. If the title didn’t give it away, then by now you probably realize I am talking about the one and only Edgar Martinez. Specifically, why he should be in the MLB Hall of Fame. Other than the fact that there is a major yearly award named after him. Come on, that should be enough right? Well it isn’t. Due to the varying opinions on the designated hitter, he isn’t a lock to make it. 2017 voting ended with Edgar sitting at 58.6%, with an improvement of 15.2% year over year. So there is hope. If we simply look at stats over his career (which truly started at 27), an argument could be made that he is not a hall of famer. He was a two time AL batting champion, a seven time AL All-Star. In 1995, he led the AL with a .356 batting average. That is impressive. His career batting average is .312 and he played until he was 42. All of this and I still haven’t even talked about “The Double” yet. "The Double" (Click if you want chills).
Beyond the numbers, Edgar Martinez is the perfect example for how baseball is played today. Major League Baseball is a league full of specialists. Pitchers don’t pitch as long because there are 7th inning specialists. There is platooning, righty/lefty situational players. It has become a science, not just a nicely mowed lawn and a diamond. Edgar was able to be successful at being a constant specialist and he did it before anyone else. How can you keep a man out of the hall of fame when he transformed the sport he played in? When I think of the hall of fame in any sport, I rarely think of their specific stats. When you think of Hank Aaron, you could say he hit the most homeruns in the game. Ever. Which is impressive on its own merit. Now add the death threats, the hatred, the anger that many had for an African-American player besting a beloved White player. He changed the game. That is what I remember. There is something to be said about people who transform the thing that they do. Edgar did that. Due to his ability to come off of a cold bench and hit better than anyone in the league, teams realized that this was a position of value. He was the original. That means something! Since science truly is the new go-to measure for baseball teams to evaluate and build their teams, then let’s look at Edgar Martinez from 1995-2001. Wins above replacement (WAR) is the new go to stat for baseball. But it existed when Edgar played too. From ’95-’01 Edgar was the fifth most valuable player in all of baseball. Who was ahead of him? Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell, Ken Griffey Jr. That’s right. Steroids aside, every one of those players is elite. Hall of fame, stand-out players who all happened to play defense. Except for Edgar. His exceptional ability to be good at hitting a ball with a bat brought him to the upper echelon of the league and it should bring him to the hall of fame. Where his bust can join the other players who changed the game they loved. Oh yeah and then there’s that double. "The Double"
I want to thank Edgar Martinez. The local legend, hall of fame deserving, Seattle Mariner that has a street named after him right next to where I work every single day. Thank you for the memories and I will never stop talking about you.
Trivia Question of the week: Who are the only two coaches to win the Super Bowl and the Rose Bowl?




Harvest Beers

The hop harvest is here again and we couldn't be more excited!  Each year brewers seem to get more adventurous using fresh hops and this year is no different.  From old school harvest ales to fresh and wet hop IPA's, pales, and pilsners.  And we're pouring them all!  We will be pouring 15-20 of these brews throughout the month of October.

While most breweries take their hops straight to where they belong, IPA's, some take a much different tack.  Lighter beers such as pilsner's and "session" ales popped up this year.  They tend to show the more herbal and flower-y flavors of the hops.  While IPA's and pales taste more like their year round counterparts, albeit with a much fresher and brighter hop profile.

Many breweries rush the hops straight from the farm to the kettle for the absolute freshest possible flavor.  But the process breweries employ in using these fresh hops can differ quite a bit.  They might use them every step of the way or at different times to impart a variety of different flavors and aromas.  And the differences in the hop varities is even more pronounced when they are used fresh. 

The hop harvest only happens once a year, so let's enjoy it while we can!


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Cooper's Alehouse is one of Seattle's premier craft beer destinations while also providing a comfortable, fun neighborhood atmosphere. From the seven HDTV's to watch your favorite game to the pool, darts, and jukebox to entertain, Cooper's is a great neighborhood pub.  Feel free to park across the street at BMW Motorcycle any day after 6pm.  Cheers!